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The simpopNano model is an agent-based model using the Swarm simulation platform.

Our goal with this model is to inject an intra-urban extension and a level of representation of urban systems in Simpop2. simpopNano was designed to be used both for itself, as an autonomous model, and coupled with the Simpop2 applied models.

It simulates the evolution of the localisations of urban functions in a city through time. Coupling the two models means that

  • the system of cities constrains the dynamics occuring at the city level of the system.
  • in feedback, the intra-urban activity might influence the inputs of the inter-urban model

The result is a 3-spatial levels agent based simulation model dedicated to the study of urban systems.

By integrating multi-scale dynamics in a single simulator, we have a well bounded frame to study questions like :

  • To what extent are the dynamics at a particular level independent from the influence of the other levels ?
  • What look like the dynamics taking place at the frontier beetween levels ?
See the publications page for articles and reports related to simpopNano design and experiments